Save Money, Add Flavour!

You won’t believe how easy you can make pasta instead of buying it in a store, not only will you save money but you will also be amazed by the added flavour too.

Making Fresh pasta always seemed like a daunting task but one day I decided to give it a go. I was surprised to find the process a lot easier than I first expected and also that it was something I didn’t need to shop especially for, all you need is eggs and flour. There are variations to this recipe but this combination remains my favourite.

Basic Pasta Dough Recipe

(per Person)

100g ’00’ Flour

1 Egg

Pinch of Salt


Making the Dough

You can choose whether you want to make your pasta dough by hand or in a food processor but i prefer to take the more tradition approach and get my hand dirty. Sift the flour onto a wooden chopping board or work surface and make a generously sized well in the centre, add your egg at this point and start to fold in the flour gently, you can use a fork to do this. Once the flour and egg start to combine get rid of the fork and get stuck in with your hands… need to knead the dough for a few minutes, do this by pushing the heel of your hand into the dough and pulling the dough back into the centre, it is almost like a rocking motion with your hand. When your dough is ready cover it loosely with clingfilm and leave to rest for about 30 minutes. This helps develop the gluten in the pasta and make it more workable.

Rolling out the Dough

I would suggest investing in a pasta rolling machine unless you have professional sized kitchen and lots of work surfaces. Take half of your dough and flatten it slightly by hand so it is roughly the width of the pasta machine, start to feed it through on the largest setting, once you have fed it through for the first time, fold the dough in half and follow the same process again, each time you feed the pasta through from this point, lower the setting on the machine. Your pasta should be getting longer and finer, if you need to cut the dough in half to make it more manageable you can do at any time. When you reach the lowest setting your dough should be perfectly rolled.

Once you have rolled your pasta dough you can experiment with what type of pasta you want, from tagliatelli for your bolognese ragu to using the sheets for beautiful delicate raviolli…….the choice is yours. With this one recipe you can master so many dishes to impress your friends, family and most importantly yourself.

Go ahead be adventureous.



Author: Susan

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